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Featured news – week 9: Online with the students

Online with the students

What the students want, is not necessarily what they learn the most from. New digital learning tools can be a breath of fresh air in passive lectures.

christian_jørgensen fra Forskerforbundet (ikke bruksrett)

– I don’t like to teach. I find the teaching situation uncomfortable says associate professor Chrstian Jørgensen at the Department of Biology at the University of Bergen (UiB). Yet, he has won several prices for his teaching practices. Last year he was awarded the teaching environment award (Læringsmiljøprisen) at UiB, and in January he was awarded for excellence in education from the Olav Thon Foundation, for among others developing student active, dialog based teaching practices.

Now in his office at the Department of Biology, Jørgensen has a full semester with no teaching ahead of him. – Even if I don’t like to teach, I don’t like to do a poor job either. One must respect the students’ time. If you have a lecture for 150 students for 2 hours, those are 300  valuable hours that can go down the drain.

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