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Featured news – Week 10: John Birks included in RSE

Outstanding scientists, eminent academics and celebrated professionals join Scotland’s National Academy
Announced today are the names of 56 distinguished individuals, including BIO’s John Birks, elected to become Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE). Hailing from sectors that range from the arts, business, science and technology and academia they join the current Fellowship whose varied expertise supports the advancement of learning and useful knowledge in Scottish public life.
As Scotland’s National Academy, the RSE’s strength lies in the breadth of disciplines represented by its Fellowship. This range of expertise enables the RSE to take part in a host of activities such as providing independent and expert advice to Government and Parliament, supporting aspiring entrepreneurs through mentorship, facilitating education programmes for young people and engaging the general public through educational events.
John Birks has a long connection with Scotland. His PhD was on the Present Vegetation and the Vegetational History of the Isle of Skye and he has continued with many other projects in Scotland up to the present day.

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