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Featured news – Week 15: Can put a stop to the new freight terminal

The municipality wants to build a new freight terminal at Haukaas, but this is also where river mussels that the government already spends millions of krone to save.

IDYLL: Her styrer kommunens miljøsjef Håvard Bjordal og professor Per Jakobsen på i Haukåselven. – Vi har en                                                           internasjonal forpliktelse til å ta vare på elvemuslingene, sier Jakobsen. FOTO: MAGNUS JOHAN STEINSVÅG

-When Julius Caesar’s army invaded England in order to get their hands on this mussel already 55 years BC, perhaps Bergen Municipality also should consider it valuable says Per Johan Jakobsen. He’s a professor at the University of Bergen and works with “aquaculture” of river mussels at a designated facility at Austevoll.

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