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New Publication – Week 17

Birks HJB, Ammann B, Stefanova I (2016) In Memoriam: Herbert E Wright Jr 1917-2015. Holocene 26:507-510

Birks HJB, Birks HH (2016) How have studies of ancient DNA from sediments contributed to the reconstruction of Quaternary floras? New Phytologist 209:499-506

Bizuayehu TT, Furmanek T, Karlsen O, van der Meeren T, Edvardsen RB, Ronnestad I, Hamre K, Johansen SD, Babiak I. (2016) First feed affects the expressions of microRNA and their targets in Atlantic cod. British Journal of Nutrition 115:1145-1154

Lin TJ, Ver Eecke HC, Breves EA, Dyar MD, Jamieson JW, Hannington MD, Dahle H, Bishop JL, Lane MD, Butterfield DA, Kelley DS, Lilley MD, Baross JA, Holden JF. (2016) Linkages between mineralogy, fluid chemistry, and microbial communities within hydrothermal chimneys from the Endeavour Segment, Juan de Fuca Ridge. Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems 17:300-323

Nottestad L, Diaz J, Pena H, Soiland H, Huse G, Ferno A (2016) Feeding strategy of mackerel in the Norwegian Sea relative to currents, temperature, and prey. Ices Journal of Marine Science 73:1127-1137

Olsen SL, Toepper JP, Skarpaas O, Vandvik V, Klanderud K (2016) From facilitation to competition: temperature-driven shift in dominant plant interactions affects population dynamics in seminatural grasslands. Global Change Biology 22:1915-1926

Skorping A, Jensen KH, Mennerat A, Hogstedt G (2016) When to Reproduce? A New Answer to an Old Question. American Naturalist 187:540-546

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