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Research – Week 17

Reminder:   Please open and share your e-application with BIO administrator. Deadline today!

BIO internal deadlines towards the RCN deadline:    May 25th

April 13:           Expected call announcement

April 22:           Notify the department of your “intent to apply” – email:

April 29:           Open and share your e-application with BIO’s administrator. Please use email address:

May 2-11:         Preparation of your draft budget with BIO administration. Budgets must be prepared in accordance with TDI budgeting model  – email:

May 12-18:       Finalization of budget and formalities (including partner projects) will take place continuously

May 18:            Completion of final budget –


Please respect the internal BIO deadlines for proposal submission. Should you need an extension for any of the above, please notify Sjoukje and/or Thomas.

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