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Featured news – Week 21


On Monday May 16th, John Birks was inducted as a Corresponding Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. He was introduced by his main proposer, Prof Des Thompson. He signed the book and was presented with his certificate by the President, Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell. He then gave a short speech of thanks. A Corresponding Fellow is equivalent to an Honorary Fellow but does not live in the UK.



Birks Harry_MG_6873

John Birks


On Thursday May 19th, Alistair Seddon delivered the Rick Battarbee lecture at University College London; the Ecological Time Machine. The Rick Battarbee lectures are a named series of distinguished lectures set up to honour Professor Emeritus Rick Battarbee of the Ecological Change Research Centre at UCL. The lecture was enjoyed by the large audience and was followed by a wine reception.


Alistair time machine RWB lecture 20160519_1

Alistair Seddon time machine RWB lecture

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