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New publications – Week 24

D.J. Rees, I. Byrkjedal and T.T. Sutton (2016). Pruning the Pearlsides: Reconciling morphology and molecules in mesopelagic fishes (Maurolicus: Sternoptychidae).  Deep-Sea Research Part II:


Kamermans P, Blanco A, Joaquim S, Matias D, Magnesen T, Nicolas JL, Petton B, Robert R. (2016) Recirculation nursery systems for bivalves. Aquaculture International 24:827-842


Ostbye K, Harrod C, Gregersen F, Klepaker T, Schulz M, Schluter D, Vollestad LA (2016) The temporal window of ecological adaptation in postglacial lakes: a comparison of head morphology, trophic position and habitat use in Norwegian threespine stickleback populations. Bmc Evolutionary Biology 16


Solstorm F, Solstorm D, Oppedal F, Fjelldal PG (2016) The vertebral column and exercise in Atlantic salmon – Regional effects. Aquaculture 461:9-16

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