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Fra toppen: First week as Head of Department

I have now been Head of Department at bio for a week. I looked very much forward to start, and I have not been disappointed. On the contrary. I have received a very warm welcome, and I already now see that bio consist of a large group of highly motivated employees and I see that we have many exciting activities both with research and education, and not the least innovation. We are the largest, and in my opinion, most important, department at the University of Bergen. We generate knowledge and innovations that are crucial for the development of society, both locally, nationally and globally. Bio is relevant and we deliver! It makes me humble to think about the large responsibility that follows my position. And I see a great potential for bio to contribute even stronger in the future to solve the large societal challenges ahead of us, through its strong education and research activities, both within basic and applied biology.

I am even more motivated for the job now than I was when I accepted the offer. That is a good sign, and a result of all I have learned and experienced during the last weeks. I will have to spend a lot of time ahead to gain more insight into the scientific areas of bio and its routines. The most important for me will nevertheless be to get to know all of you better. My basic philosophy as head of department is that we work best as a team when we stand united, respect each others scientific areas, personalities, challenges, ambitions and dreams. I will therefore spend as much time as possible in the future to get to know you, so please stop me in the hallway and tell me what you are doing today, come to my office and tell me what occupies you and about your latest triumph. Invite me to scientific or strategic discussions. Don’t be afraid to contact me.

Everything can be improved, and I wouldn`t have done my job properly if I didn’t do what I can to get bio to work even better than today. Such processes, whether they are about working conditions, external financing, bio`s economy, supervision of PhD students, organizing of bio`s research groups, to mention a few, have to be conducted in close dialogue with all that are relevant. Many heads think better than one, and bio is completely depending on the involvement from all of us to find the best solutions.

I have, without doubt, my errors and shortcomings. I can think too loud, say the wrong things at the wrong time, be to short-thinked, or long-thinked, make decisions on a too weak foundation, I am confused, I talk to much and for too long, and surely have many other limitations. Don`t be afraid to tell me if you think I am wrong. Don`t be frustrated over long without telling me. I need constructive inputs, so that I also can improve in my job.

I am proud of being head of department at bio. I should not take the honor of anything, it should be brotherly and sisterly divided among all of you when we achieve successes, whether they are small or large. We shall celebrate each other, across scientific areas and area of work. I want us to be a team, at all levels, from how we are organized and works administratively, how we achieve groundbreaking scientific results, and how we educate even better and more knowledgeable students. I look forward to the continuation together with all at bio.



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