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Research – Week 37


UIB’s BOA-team is officially in operation

The BOA-team is UiB’s administrative support for external financing. The BOA-team supports large, complex applications, such as EU’s Horizon 2020, as well as large programs from the Research Council of Norway e.g. SFF, SFI and infrastructure.

The BOA team has recently launched their new webpage with templates and tools useful when working with externally financed research projects. The website covers the processes in a life cycle of an externally funded research project: mobilisation, proposal preparation, contract, project launching, management and termination. For each process, the site describes all activities associated with it as well as the allocated roles, tasks, supervision, resources and contact persons. Visit the new webpages here.


Photo: Jan Kåre Wilhelmsen, UiB.


See the updated call calendar for upcoming calls and information seminars i.e.:

19. September 2016: RFF Project workshop – Bergen

21. September 2016: H2020 – “Writing successful H2020 Proposals” – Lysaker

21. September 2016: Writing  Course for UIB Researchers: “Skriv så du blir lest” – Bergen

27. September 2016: Norgesuniversitetet Autumn Conference 2016Trømsø

15. November 2016: How to write a competitive ERC Consolidator grant – Oslo


Poster award to Libe Aranguren

Libe Aranguren, PhD fellow in the Environmental Toxicology Research Group, won the poster award during the 30th European Society for Comparative Physiology and Biochemsitry Conference in Barcelona 4.-7. September. She got the prize for the poster ”Using precision-cut liver slices (PCLS) and luciferase reporter assays to characterize the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) system in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua”. The prize included a diploma and 300€.



Libe Aranguren, photo Anders Goksøyr


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