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Upcoming events – Week 37

Master thesis 

Siri Vatsø Haugum: The effect of grazing and hiking on the elevational range shift of vascular plant species in the Scandes during recent decades
Siri Vatsø Haugum holds Wednesday 21 of September the final presentation of her mester thesis in biology – biodiversity, evolution and ecology.
Supervisors: John-Arvid Grytnes, Jutta Kapfer and Amy Ecott
External examiner: Gunnar Austrheim, NTNU.
Internal examiner: Svein Rune Erga.
Time and place: September 21, 13:15, seminarrom K1, Biologen. 

Everyone are welcome to the mater thesis!


Guest lecture: nano(eco)TOXICOLOGY of titanium dioxide

(BIO316 open lecture)

By Boris Jovanovic

Time and place: Thursday, Sep. 22, 12.15-13.00, K1 (Biologen, T53A)



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