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Upcoming events – Week 42


bioCEED seminar series

Making (use of) videos in Teaching and Learning, read more here!
Time and place: 26 Oct, 14:15-15:00, Biologen, Seminar room K1.

Everyone welcome!

Master exam- Andreas Gilje Sjøberg: Physiological characterization of a novel strain within Rhodobacteracea, isolated from a biolfilm sample on a barite chimney at the Loki’s Castle Vent Field
Andreas Gilje Sjøberg hold Thursday 27th October the final presentation of his master thesis in Biology – Microbiology  (Biogeology)
Supervisors: Ida H. Steen, Håkon Dahle
External examiner: Mette Svenning, UiT
Internal sensor: Gunnar Bratbak
Time and place: 27th October, 13:00 på Senter for geobiologi, lunchrommet

Master exam- Roar Leksen: Traceable lice strain of Lepeophtheirus salmonis (Krøyer 1837) as a tool for studying lice dispersion.
Roar Leksen hold Friday 28th of October the final presentation of his master thesis in Aquaculture Biology.
Supervisor: Frank Nilsen.
Internal examiner: Kristin Hamre.
Sensor: Ørjan Karlsen, HI
Time and place: Friday 28th of October, 10:15, Seminarrom K3, Biologen.

Everyone welcome!


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