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Upcoming events – Week 44

Master exam- Ida Vee:  Towards improved management of deep-sea sponge grounds in Norwegian waters

Ida Vee will on Friday 4th of November give the final presentation of her master thesis in Biology – marine biology

Supervisors: Hans Tore Rapp, Joana Xavier.  External examiner:  Jussi Evertsen, Frøya videregående skole. Internal examiner:  Bjørn Arild Hatteland

Time and location: Friday 4th of November at 10:15, Lille auditorium, HIB

All are welcome to the presentation


Ph.d. Trial lecture Jon Thomassen Hestetun:  ” Evolutionary and ecological adaptations to life in the deep-sea”.

Evaluating committee:  Associate Professor Ida Helene Steen, Forsker Anne Helene Solberg Tandberg,  Postdoc Joana R Xavier

Time and place: Wednesday 9th of November at 10:15.  Seminar room K3, Blokk B, Biologen

All are welcome to the presentation


Ph.d. Trial lecture Oliver Vocking:  “Circadian rhythms and evolution”.

Evaluating committee: Researcher Elsa Denker, Associate Professor Odd Andre Karlsen, Associate Professor Ståle Ellingsen

Time and place: Friday 11th of November Group room 209N1, 2. etasje, datablokken, HIB

All are welcome to the presentation


Have we forgotten the biology in all the technology?

Debate on Wednesday, November 2nd, (19:30-21:30) in Boksalongen in Østre Skostredet.

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Fish swimming course – Summer 2017

Read more here: Fish swimming AD 2017.

Using Insects for Feed Purposes

NICE seminar Bergen

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