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March is to Spring like November is to Autumn, someone once said. A month a bit in limbo, where we wait for something better to come, or to pass. Spring should be entering, but it actually has been a long Winter. But we shouldn’t complain, when the sun shines and the snowdrops are peeping up from the ground.

March is the time for reporting to the faculty. It is the department’s tax returns for 2015 on teaching, research, and doctoral education. Some of us miss an organized summary of innovation and outreach activities as well. Wouldn’t that be something to consider?

This week’s innovation report: On Wednesday we had a visit from two representatives from the BlueBio Alliance in Portugal. They are looking for collaboration partners in Norway for a joint postgraduate training course in Sea Business & Innovation, as part of Porto Business School. The objective is to provide a course connecting different sectors and bringing convergence and cross-over thinking to future entrepreneurs within the blue bioeconomy. Exciting ideas and possibilities both for the department and for innovative biologists.

This week’s outreach report: Eight articles on this week’s list. Three of these at level 2. A nice share, but a bit disturbing that it is our adjunct faculty members who contribute most to level 2 publications. This doesn’t result in many publication points to BIO’s tax return. Anyway, congratulations to Tina Selvarajah and Lawrence Kirkendall (BMC Evolutionary Biology), Duncan Colquhoun (Journal of Fish Diseases), and Kenneth Glover (BMC Evolutionary Biology), and their coauthors!

Some of the research groups also contributed nicely to this week’s Open day for high school students. Excellent efforts from a lot of people and big thanks to Fisheries ecology and aquaculture, Marine biodiversity, and Environmental toxicology!

Congratulations also to John Birks, who this week was elected Corresponding Fellow i Royal Society of Edinburgh!

Hilsen AndersGoksøyr_UiB_Senneset

Featured news – Week 10: John Birks included in RSE

Outstanding scientists, eminent academics and celebrated professionals join Scotland’s National Academy
Announced today are the names of 56 distinguished individuals, including BIO’s John Birks, elected to become Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE). Hailing from sectors that range from the arts, business, science and technology and academia they join the current Fellowship whose varied expertise supports the advancement of learning and useful knowledge in Scottish public life.
As Scotland’s National Academy, the RSE’s strength lies in the breadth of disciplines represented by its Fellowship. This range of expertise enables the RSE to take part in a host of activities such as providing independent and expert advice to Government and Parliament, supporting aspiring entrepreneurs through mentorship, facilitating education programmes for young people and engaging the general public through educational events.
John Birks has a long connection with Scotland. His PhD was on the Present Vegetation and the Vegetational History of the Isle of Skye and he has continued with many other projects in Scotland up to the present day.

Upcoming events – Week 10

Ph.d. mid-term evaluation Maria Lund Paulsen: “The ecological role of picoplankton and their responses to a changing Arctic Ocean”
Maria Lund Paulsen will present status and progress for her ph.d. project.
Supervisors: Aud Larsen,  Gunnar Bratbak, Colin Stedmon
Evaluators: Professor Gøran Høgstedt (leader), Professor Dag Aksnes, Associate professor Svein Rune Erga.
Time and place: Wednesday 16. March, kl. 12:15, Seminarroom K3, Biologen
Those interested are encouraged to attend.

Ph.d mid-term evaluation Sara Calabrese:  “Effects of rearing environment on post-smolt Atlantic salmon growth and physiology: knowledge needed for the development of RAS and semi-closed sea systems”
Sara Calabrese will present status and progress for her ph.d. project.
Supervisors: Sigurd Stefansson, Sigurd Handeland, Bendik Fyhn Terjesen, Catarina Martins, Lars Ebbesson,
Evaluators: Professor Heidrun Wergeland (leader), Professor Ivar Rønnestad, Professor Mark Powell
Time and place: Wednesday 16. mars KL. 14:30,  Large aud. , Høyteknologisenteret
Those interested are encouraged to attend.

Welfare, HR and HSE – Week 10

New Employees

Victoria Røyseth is employed as PhD candidate from 1 March 2016. The position is affiliated with the project ”Microparasites in closed and semi-closed containment systems (S-CCS)” financed by the University of Bergen and Centre for Research-based Innovations in Controlled-environment Aquaculture(CtrlAQUA) and is included in the Fish Disease Research Group. Victoria’s main tasks will be to identify and characterize micro parasites associated with production of salmon in RAS and S-CCS production facilities.

Victoria Røyseth

SAA – Week 10

The Info-centre for Science Students celebrates its 10 year anniversary

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science invites all employees and students to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Information Centre for Science Students. The celebration will be held on March 17th at 1200.  The Faculty also offers free coffee and pastries for students who come by from Tuesday to Friday next week. Welcome!


PhD on track våren 2016

The Mathematics and Natural Sciences Library at UiB offers PhD candidates courses addressing publishing issues, advanced literature searching techniques and information management.
Theory and general principles are presented in plenary sessions on April 12th. Workshops offer hands-on experience, allowing you to search using your own research questions. Together, they cover:
  • Minimum effort – efficiently finding scientific literature
  • Making the most of scientific databases
  • Publication impact – what does it mean
  • Open access – increasing the impact of your thesis
  • Managing & keeping track of references (EndNote)
We further invite you to sign up for additional guidance sessions on your own or in small groups, where we can address in detail specific questions you may have. 
Please sign up before April 8th.

More info and registration.

Contact Hege Folkestad if you have questions.

Research – Week 10

Call calendar is updated!

New this week:
01.04.16        BKK-UIB Collaboration Agreement – Funding forl Student stipends & Research projects
05.04.16        Novo Nordisk Foundation – Exploratory pre-seed grants
15.04.16        UIB-SPIRE – Midler til International Network/Partnership & Visiting Researcher Grant
25.05.16        NFR INTPART
31.05.16        EuroMarine 2016 Call for Proposals

New Publications – Week 10

Gohli J, Selvarajah T, Kirkendall LR, Jordal BH (2016) Globally distributed Xyleborus species reveal recurrent intercontinental dispersal in a landscape of ancient worldwide distributions. Bmc Evolutionary Biology 16 Gulla S, Lund V, Kristoffersen AB, Sorum H, Colquhoun DJ (2016) vapA (A-layer) typing differentiates Aeromonas salmonicida subspecies and identifies a number of previously undescribed subtypes.…