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Frå toppen: Excellent Easter – Week 11

Excellent Easter!

This week, the decision on who were allowed to move on to the second round of last years Center of Excellence call from the research Council of Norway was announced. It was a disappointing read. None of the initiatives where we were involved, either as applicant or as partner, was on the list. This means that there is a lot of people around who can look forward to a quiet Easter. At UiB there is only four groups who need to cancel their easter vacation: Congratulations to SVT, AKHR, Klinisk institutt 1 and GEO!

This leaves time to start considering other options for getting grants. The next FRIPRO also has its deadline at the end of May. The eye of the needle is as narrow, but those with good ideas should start fiddling with old applications or prepare new. Succesful applications are just as much about describing what you want to do as about how you want to do it. Good consortia reflecting the breadth of expertise needed to reach your goals, with national and inenrational networks and partners, is of utmost importance. An excellent dissemination plan can be crucial. See our internal deadlines further down.

Even though Gunnar Bratbak, Frede Thingstad and their colleagues in the Marine microbiology group didn’t succeed in convincing the expert panel about their excellent plans, the two are represented with excellent communication with a commentary in Nature (advance online) about the importance of marine viruses this week. Congratulations! Also congratulations on level 2 publications to Anders Frugård Opdal and Christian Jørgensen (Global Change Biology) and Anders Hobæk (Ecography), and their coauthors.

More communication: Audrey Geffen has been appointed as Chair of Publications and Communications Group in the International Council for the exploration of the Seas (ICES). Good luck with the appointment, Audrey!

And finally: A brilliant Easter to everyone, whether it will be spent in the mountain or by the sea, in the city or in the countryside, in the lab or at sea, with reading easter crime or writing grant applications!

Hilsen Anders


Research – Week 11

Scholarships for the development of new research projects

UiB Global offers three scholarships for the development of research applications. Apply by April 22, 2016.  Read more here.


BIO internal deadlines towards the RCN (FRIPRO) deadline:   May 25th


April 13:          Expected call announcement

April 22:         Notify the department of your “intent to apply” – email:

April 29:          Open and share your e-application with BIO’s administrator. Please use email address:

May 2-11:        Preparation of your draft budget with BIO administration. Budgets must be prepared in accordance with TDI budgeting model – email:

May 12-18:      Finalization of budget and formalities (including partner projects) will take place continuously

May 18:           Completion of final budget –


Please respect the internal BIO deadlines for proposal submission. Should you need an extension for any of the above, please notify Sjoukje and/or Thomas.

SAA – Week 11

Support and training for digital exams 

The project group for digital assessment has recently published user support pages in the form of detailed descriptions of how to proceed with digital exams, intro courses in UiBs digital exam assessment tool, “arbeidsstuer” and other useful information.

Read more about Digital Exams here, how to proceed with digital exams (also available from the menu in the previous page) here and list for intro courses in the assessment tool here.

Remembering Glenn

Glenn A. Bristow passed away 11 March in Viet Nam. Glenn was born in 1944 in Connecticut, USA, and had a long and adventurous career before entering the academia. He was in the USA navy between 1964 and 1970 as crew on a submarine, he worked on a fishing boat, and he was bartender in Hawaii. He took his Masters of Science in zoology in 1983, and came to Norway and the University of Bergen around 1985. In 1991 he defended his Dr scient thesis in parasitology and became Associate Professor in 1992, where he always worked closely together with Professor (now Emeritus) Bjørn Berland. After Glenn retired he never hesitated and eagerly started afresh to work at the University of Nha Trang, Viet Nam. Here he stayed and worked as a highly valued teacher until illness struck last year.

Glenn’s main research interest was the systematics and development of parasites, especially fish parasites. However, he felt free to explore interests in any direction, and was also very interested in philosophy of science: in 1997 he edited a book together with Roger Strand (University of Bergen) called “Naturvitere filosoferer”. The many interests he had are quite visible on Facebook, with links to friends and collaborators all over the world.

Nonetheless, the sea always drew him back. He was in Bergen when the Norwegian fish farming adventure started up, and he saw the importance of considering the impact of the parasites that always accompany intensification in animal production. In the years before and after he retired Glenn engaged himself much in international work and collaboration, with research and teaching at universities in Malaysia and Viet Nam. Glenn saw the parallels in the national importance of aquaculture to both Norway and Viet Nam. He therefore put a lot of effort in ensuring that some of the ideas underpinning industrialized sustainable aquaculture could be transferred from Norway to Viet Nam. He also helped to establish a strong scientific connection between the University of Bergen and the University of Nha Trang, Viet Nam, with exchange of students and staff.

He had many interests and in particular he liked music, food, other cultures and the sea. He was impossible to ignore while alive, and the best of him will live on for a long time. He had two children whom he was very proud of and who live in Bergen, and our thoughts go to them.

For kollegaer ved Institutt for biologi,

Henrik Glenner, Kjersti Sjøtun, Hans Tore Rapp, Karin Pittman, Egil Karlsbakk


New publications – Week 11

Birks HJB (2015) Some reflections on the refugium concept and its terminology in historical biogeography, contemporary ecology and global-change biology. Biodiversity (Ottawa) 16:196-212   Hoisaeter T (2015) Eumetula brattegardi, new name for Eumetula vitrea Hoisaeter, 2011 not (Dall, 1927) (Gastropoda, Caenogastropoda, Triphoroidea, Newtoniellidae). Fauna Norvegica 35:1-2   Michaelsen TC (2016) Spatial and temporal…