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Fra Toppen: Media habits and information flow – Week 19

While a well-known mathematics professor is sailing around the world, and in the newspaper columns, the Nordic Media Days are organized these days in Bergen. Among other things, people’s media habits have been investigated through the annual Media survey. From this it appears that the public’s trust in media has been decreasing lately. At the same time, cellulose-based newspapers struggle with their income, when the young generation with more digital media habits enters adulthood.

It is a while since BIO-info came out on paper. The last years our annual newsletter has been distributed as a pdf link. Starting this winter we have moved to a blog based edition, making it much simpler for us to edit stories and publish useful information for BIO employees and others who want to be informed about what is going on. In this way we also avoid spamming everyone with e-mails every time important things that we need to inform about appear. At the same time, two energetic PhD fellows contribute with editing, and thereby obtain both media training and useful acitvity in their compulsory work hours.

We have received positive feed-back on this transition. I am still a bit concerned that the new format doesn’t reach out as well as before. Some people note that the blog format doesn’t give the same oversight as the linear pdf format. It takes some clicking to get into the different topics, and clicking may lead to loosing the thread and not finding your way back to where you started. We also experience that information isn’t received as well as it used to do.

When the new BIO-info now starts to settle, it may be time for our own little survey of media habits. Thus we can find out what we can do better to make sure that everyone gets the information that can be found in BIO-info’s boxes and columns. Anyone with ideas or suggestions are welcome to send them to the editorial office.

A scientific journal in biology that has been digital since its incetion, and which over just a couple of years has established itself as a well recognized and respected journal, is eLife. Even though eLife itself is critical to the of an impact factor as a measure of scientific quality, the journal has in a short time approached an IF of 10. eLife is still at level 1 in the Norwegian system, but this is deemd to change now that Norwegian scientists start to discover the journal. The last in this regard is Arild Folkvord, who together with colleagues from among other places Uppsala, has mapped the herring genome and its importance for ecological adaptations. Congratulations to Arild!

Referring to the afore-mentioned mathematics professor, we are obviously many who were surprised to the way the University leadership presented a sailing professor as a normal and wanted way to be employed. It mus be obvious that the normal situation we want is faculty members who are present at the department and the institution and contribute to the scientific environment through research, discussions and smalltalk, supervision, outreach and teaching. And then of course we expect our staff to travel and visit other scientific environments, participate at conferences and contribute with guest lectures and courses. The work efforts of a professor is counted in many more ways than the number of articles published alone.

Happy 17. May!

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SAA – Week 19

Opportunity to join cruise from Bremerhaven to Cape Town in November-December 2016

A very rich philanthropist has sponsored an Antarctic Circumpolar Research Expedition in 2016-2017. The transit phase of this expedition, from Bremerhaven to Cape Town, has been set up as a graduate student offering with marine biology and ocean science instruction. A selected group of 25-30 graduate students may join, of which 5 or 6 can be from Norway. Their expenses, including the connecting travel, will be sponsored by the expedition. Application deadline is 27 May. Please see link for further information: ACE maritime university call final. & ACE maritime university application final

Photo of the week – Week 19: Mini symposium



Tuesday 10th of May seven master students from the Marine BioDiversity (MBD) research group presented their projects during a mini symposium. The students presented a broad range of topics ranging from management, deep-sea ecology, biodiversity, taxonomy, systematics, evolution, to functional morphology. They were a mixed group from newly started- to close to the deadline for delivery-students. Still, while some students found it useful as practice for the soon-to-come master’s exam, others used the opportunity to sort and share ideas and thoughts before the start of the project.

Picture: Nickolas James Hawkes presents his project “Epibenthic megafauna associated with Vazella pourtalesi sponge grounds in the Emerald basin”. Photo: David Rees

Have you registered vacation days?

Are you ready to go?

Summer is soon upon us, and whether you are planning on spending all of it in sunny Bergen or making other arrangements, there is one thing you have to do right away: Register your vacation in PAGA. It is a requirement that everyone registers their holiday, and it is the general rule that all vacation days has to be taken within the year.

Not sure when you’ll be going? Register it anyway (you can change it later), and avoid running the risk of someone else deciding when you’re going on holiday. You will also be relieved from the stress of being followed up through emails and visits from the administration.

The deadline for registering the summer vacation has already passed, so please make it a priority.

Further information on how to register vacation can be found here.

If you have any questions regarding vacation or the registration of vacation I PAGAWEB, please contact your local HR professional at your department.