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Research – Week 23



Note the new calls highlighted in the call calendar as well as the upcoming information seminars:

14.06.16 Søkeseminar – Utlysing av Norgesuniversitetets prosjektmidler 2017

16.06.16 Informasjonsseminar UiBs søkere til INFRASTRUKTUR

20.06.16 RRI-Matchmaking for Digital Life Norway

22.06.16 Special lecture and roundtable on citation metrics and Science Evaluation


Apply for NFR FORNY2020 / BIOTEK2021 Funding!

Researchers in Bergen have the opportunity to apply for funding for research projects with a commercial potential from RCN FORNY2020 and BIOTEK2021. Get in touch with the Bergen Technology Transfer Office (BTO) asap and before June 25th to start the preliminary discussions! More info



Upcoming events – Week 23

  Disputation Julia Endresen Storesund: “Bacterial, archaeal and viral community structure in a deep Norwegian fjord” Supervisor: Ruth-Anne Sandaa, Lise Øvreås, T. Frede Thingstad and Jessica L. Ray. Assessment Committee: Associate Professor Ian Hewson (Cornell University, USA), researcher Eva Sintes (University of Vienna, Austria) and researcher Ida Helene Steen (Center of geology, University of Bergen). Leader…

Election – Department Council, gruppe B og D

Election – Department Council Group B The choice of group B member of the Institute Council at BIO for the period 01.08-31.07.2017, is now complete with the following results. Member: Victoria Røyseth Deputy 1: Erna Irene Heggland Deputy 2: Libe Aranguren Deputy 3: Håvard Øritsland Eggestøl The deadline for complaints is 17 of June.   Election – Department Council…

Ocean conference – Week 23

Ocean Outlook conference will be hold in Bergen 19-21 of April 2017. Ocean Outlook is a project supported by the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education that aims to strengthen the transatlantic bonds between marine research and educational centers in Bergen and in the US. Leaflet about the conference can be downloaded here: OO-Fellowships2017 and SAVE the DATE…

Job opportunity – Week 23

Three years PostDoc position Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis , Department of Biosciences in Oslo are looking for a candidate with a strong empirical background and a keen interest in socio-ecological systems. The position will be associated with the Centre’s marine group. The candidat will regularly visit the University of Heidelberg in Germany to…

New publication – Week 23

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Birks HJB, Felde VA, Bjune AE, Grytnes J-A, Seppa H, Giesecke T (2016) Does pollen-assemblage richness reflect floristic richness? A review of recent developments and future challenges. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 228:1-25


Chauvigne F, Fjelldal PG, Cerda J, Finn RN (2016) Auto-Adhesion Potential of Extraocular Aqp0 during Teleost Development. Plos One 11


Eycott AE, Esaete J, Reinio J, Telford RJ, Vandvik V (2016) Plant functional group responses in an African tropical forest recovering from disturbance. Plant Ecology & Diversity 9:69-80


Folkvord A, Gundersen G, Albretsen J, Asplin L, Kaartvedt S, Giske J (2016) Impact of hatch date on early life growth and survival of Mueller’s pearlside (Maurolicus muelleri) larvae and life-history consequences. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 73:163-176


Glover KA, Bos JB, Urdal K, Madhun AS, Sorvik AGE, Unneland L, Seliussen BB, Skaala O, Skilbrei OT, Tang Y, Wennevik V.  Genetic screening of farmed Atlantic salmon escapees demonstrates that triploid fish display reduced migration to freshwater. Biological Invasions. 2016; 18(5):1287-1294


Kolding J, Jacobsen NS, Andersen KH, van Zwieten PAM (2016) Maximizing fisheries yields while maintaining community structure. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 73:644-655


Mateos-Rivera A, Yde JC, Wilson B, Finster KW, Reigstad LJ, Ovreas L (2016) The effect of temperature change on the microbial diversity and community structure along the chronosequence of the sub-arctic glacier forefield of Styggedalsbreen (Norway). Fems Microbiology Ecology 92


Seivag ML, Salvanes AGV, Utne-Palm AC, Kjesbu OSg (2016) Reproductive tactics of male bearded goby (Sufflogobius bibarbatus) in anoxic and hypoxic waters. Journal of Sea Research 109:29-41


Sennikov AN, Hjertson M, Salvesen PH (2016) Atlas Florae Europaeae notes 27. Taxonomy of the Sorbus arranensis group (Rosaceae) in Norway, a hybrid aggregate between S. aria s. lato and S. aucuparia. Annales Botanici Fennici 53:1-13


van Zwieten PAM, Kolding J, Plank MJ, Hecky RE, Bridgeman TB, MacIntyre S, Seehausen O, Silsbe GM.The Nile perch invasion in Lake Victoria: cause or consequence of the haplochromine decline? Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 2016;73(4):622-643


Pitta, J.C. Nejstgaard, T.M. Tsagaraki, S. Zervoudaki, J.K. Egge, C. Frangoulis, A. Lagaria, I. Magiopoulos, S. Psarra, RA. Sandaa, E. F. Skjoldal, T. Tanaka, R. Thyrhaug, and T.F. Thingstad
Confirming the “Rapid phosphorus transfer from microorganisms to mesozooplankton in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea” scenario through a mesocosm experiment
J. Plankton Res. (2016) 38 (3): 502-521 first published online March 2, 2016


Have you registered vacation days?

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Summer is soon upon us, and whether you are planning on spending all of it in sunny Bergen or making other arrangements, there is one thing you have to do right away: Register your vacation in PAGA. It is a requirement that everyone registers their holiday, and it is the general rule that all vacation days has to be taken within the year.

Not sure when you’ll be going? Register it anyway (you can change it later), and avoid running the risk of someone else deciding when you’re going on holiday. You will also be relieved from the stress of being followed up through emails and visits from the administration.

The deadline for registering the summer vacation has already passed, so please make it a priority.

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