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Fra Toppen: Almost summer!

Another lovely but busy early summer week nearing its close. It is the time of master exams and disputations at the department, and many small and big things must be coordinated. Fortunately BIO has talented people in every position who makes this glide smoothly and without pain. Yesterday was especially busy for my part, with leader meeting in the morning, end of term celebration for lunch, opening of the NMR facility in the Workshop Building in the afternoon, and summer dinner with faculty in Knut Fægris house in the evening. Hectic but enjoyable. Thanks for all the gifts, fine words and a brilliant event with bubbles and tapas in the Japanese garden! Special thanks to Nina, Eva, Rebecca, Ingunn, Synnøve og Lise who organized the great event.

Then we must congratulate Jeppe Kolding with promotion to full professor, with effect from September 2015. Well deserved! The Faculty Board also decided to appoint Ida Helene Steen as associate professor in geomicrobiologi. Congratulations and welcome, Ida! Welcome also to Ståle Ellingsen, who has accepted the position as associate professor in fish anatomy.

Somewhat more worrying is it that the Faculty Board adopted a statement which may result in further centralization of administrative functions already in the September meeting, long before both the Scenario 2030 group has concluded and before the new HR organization at the faculty has been evaluated. This would then be contrary to the wishes of most groups, who points out that the overall structure should find its form before making other organizational changes. What’s the rush?

This week’s level 2 publication is an article about stickleback ecological adaptations in BMC Evolutionary Biology with Tom Olav Klepaker as coauthor. Congratulations!

Regards Anders


Research – Week 24

BIO internal deadlines towards the RCN deadline:    September 7th


Jul 27:                  Expected call announcement

Aug 8:                 Notify the department of your “intent to apply” – email:

Aug 10:               Open and share your e-application with BIO’s administrator. Please use email address: synnø

Aug 15-24:         Preparation of your draft budget with BIO administration. Budgets must be prepared in accordance with TDI budgeting model – email:

Aug 18:               Applicant meeting with proposal plan presentations

Aug 24-31:         Finalization of budget and formalities (including partner projects) will take place continuously

Aug 31:               Completion of final budget –

Sep 7:                  NFR submission deadline

Please respect the internal BIO deadlines for proposal submission. Should you need an extension for any of the above, please notify Sjoukje and/or Thomas.


See the updated call calendar for upcoming calls and information seminars i.e.:

20.06.16 RRI-Matchmaking for Digital Life Norway – Bergen

21.06.16 FORNY2020 / BIOTEK2021 Info meeting – Bergen

22.06.16 Special lecture and roundtable on citation metrics and Science Evaluation – Bergen

17.08.16 ERC Starting and Consolidator Grant Course – Bergen

02.09.16 NFR Informasjonsmøte INFRASTRUKTUR spesielt rettet mot nye søkere – Lysaker


Apply for NFR FORNY2020 / BIOTEK2021 Funding!

Researchers in Bergen have the opportunity to apply for funding for research projects with a commercial potential from RCN FORNY2020 and BIOTEK2021. Get in touch with the Bergen Technology Transfer Office (BTO) asap and before June 25th to start the preliminary discussions! Note also the upcoming FONRNY2020 /BIOTEK2021 information meeting organized by NFR and scheduled to take place at BTO on June 22nd. Read more


«My optimization story: Algal toxins for medical use

Click here to read about the exciting BIOTEK2021 project led by Dr. Ralf Kellmann at BIO.

Upcoming events – Week 24

Financing opportunities

Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO) invites to an information meeting on FORNY2020 and BIOTEK2021, June 21st. Read more here.

FORNY2020: program that is designed to trigger the value-creating potential of projects conducted at publicly-funded research institutions.

BIOTEK2021: aims to contribute to further development of acquired research results and ideas from earlier biotechnological research and bio prospecting towards commercial application.


Disputas Ranveig Ottøy Olsen:  “Flow cytometry detection of phytoplankton in UV disinfected water. Implications for ballast water treatment and analysis”

Supervisors: Friederike Urbassek Hoffmann, Ole-Kristian Hess-Erga, Ingunn A. Hoell

Evaluation committee: Professor Louis Peperzak, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ), Nederland, Seniorforsker  Mathilde Skogen Chauton, SINTEF Fiskeri og havbruk AS, Professor Jorun K. Egge, UiB

Leading the disputation: Professor Arne Skorping, University of Bergen

Monday June 20th 2016, at 12.15, Stort auditorium, Høyteknologisenteret, Thormøhlensgate 55

All are welcome.


Disputas Tone Aspevik:   “Fish protein hydrolysates based on Atlantic salmon by-products – Enzyme cost-efficiency and characterization of sensory, surface-active and nutritional properties”

Supervisors: Åge Oterhals, Nils-Kåre Birkeland

Evaluation committee: Institute leader  Oscar Martínez Alvarez, Spanish National Research Council, Spain, Professor Turid Rustad, NTNU, Professor Ragnar Nortvedt, Haukeland Universitetssjukehus

Leading the disputation: Professor Anders Goksøyr, University of Bergen

Tuesday June 21st 2016, at 10.15, Stort auditorium, Høyteknologisenteret, Thormøhlensgate 55

All are welcome.


Ph.d lecture, chosen topic  Katrine Lekang

Title: Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functionality

Evaluation committee: Professor Dag Aksnes, Postdoc Anders F. Opdal

Monday June 20th, at. 14:15, Lille auditorium, datablokk, Høyteknologisenteret, Thormøhlens gt. 55

All are welcome.


Master exam  – Victoria A. Fløgum: Vaksinering av berggylt (Labrus bergylta) mot Aeromonas salmonicida A-lagstype V og VI

Victoria A. Fløgum holds Monday June 20th the finishing presentation of her master thesis in fish health.

Supervisor: Øyvind B. Vågnes, Duncan Colquhoun . Internal examiner: Ivar Hordvik. External examiner: Stein Mortensen, HI.

Monday June 20th, at 14:15, Course room 439C1, Department of Molecular Biology

All are welcome.


Master exam- Malene Waage Skår: Anestesi av oppdretta rognkjeks (Cyclopterus lumpus L.)

Malene Waage Skår holds Tuesday June 21st the finishing presentation of her master thesis in fish health.

Supervisor: Gyri T. Haugland, Heidrun Wergeland.  Internal examiner: Svein Rune Erga. External examiner: Anders Mangor-Jensen, HI.

Tuesday June 21st, at 10:15, Lille auditorium, HIB.

All are welcome.


Master exam- Andreas Grødem: Sexual size dimorphism of bark and ambrosia beetles

Andreas Grødem, Lector program, holds Monday June 20th the finishing presentation of his master thesis in Biology – Evolutionary ecology.

Supervisor: Lawrence Kirkendall

External examiner: Odd Jacobsen, HiB

Internal examiner: Jeppe Kolding

June 20th kl 14:00 in K3

All are welcome.


Master exam- Hrafnhildur Eva Olafsdottir and Hilde Berge:  Application of shark IgNAR (New Antigen Receptor) in biomedicine

Hilde Berge og Hrafnhildur Olafsdottir hold Tuesday June 21st the finishing presentation of their master thesis in Biology – Evolutionary ecology.

Supervisors: Audun Helge Nerland, Vidar Bakken, Ruth-Anne Sandaa

External examiner: Craig Morton, HI

Internal examiner: Ivar Hordvik

June 20th at 11:00 in K3 (Biologen, B-block, ground floor)

All are welcome.


Master exam- Nabbanja Resty: Trends and dynamics of the Mukene (Rastrineobola argentea) fishery on Lake Victoria, Uganda using catch and effort data

Nabbanja Resty holds Thursday June 23rd the finishing presentation of the master thesis in Biology – Fisheries biology

Supervisor: Jeppe Kolding

External examiner: Ian Bryceson, NMBU

Internal examiner:  Dag Aksnes

June 23rd at 12:15 in K3

All are welcome.

Welfare, HR and HSE – Week 24


Formaldehyde has now Hazard statement H350 – may cause cancer.

All use of formaldehyde is to be registered in Exposure register.

Read the Safety data sheet.

EcoOnline contact: Solveig Thorkildsen,



It is of great importance that everybody registrar HSE-non-conformities to get the cases visible up in line in the university system.

HSE-non conformities are used as background material for improvement of procedures, emergency preparedness plans and budget plans and in addition each case will be treated individually.

Link for reporting HSE-Non-conformities:

Use the English button to change language for reporting HSE-Non-conformities

About HSE-Non-conformities at the HMS-gateway:


New publications – Week 24

D.J. Rees, I. Byrkjedal and T.T. Sutton (2016). Pruning the Pearlsides: Reconciling morphology and molecules in mesopelagic fishes (Maurolicus: Sternoptychidae).  Deep-Sea Research Part II:   Kamermans P, Blanco A, Joaquim S, Matias D, Magnesen T, Nicolas JL, Petton B, Robert R. (2016) Recirculation nursery systems for bivalves. Aquaculture International 24:827-842   Ostbye K, Harrod C, Gregersen F,…

Have you registered vacation days?

Are you ready to go?

Summer is soon upon us, and whether you are planning on spending all of it in sunny Bergen or making other arrangements, there is one thing you have to do right away: Register your vacation in PAGA. It is a requirement that everyone registers their holiday, and it is the general rule that all vacation days has to be taken within the year.

Not sure when you’ll be going? Register it anyway (you can change it later), and avoid running the risk of someone else deciding when you’re going on holiday. You will also be relieved from the stress of being followed up through emails and visits from the administration.

The deadline for registering the summer vacation has already passed, so please make it a priority.

Further information on how to register vacation can be found here.

If you have any questions regarding vacation or the registration of vacation I PAGAWEB, please contact your local HR professional at your department.