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Category: 2016 – Week 41

New publications – Week 41

Angotzi AR, Stefansson SO, Nilsen TO, Ovrebo JI, Andersson E, Taranger GL, Ronnestad I (2016) Identification of a novel leptin receptor duplicate in Atlantic salmon: Expression analyses in different life stages and in response to feeding status. General and Comparative Endocrinology 235: 108-119

Imsland AK, Pettersen K, Stefansson SO(2016) Growth and Smoltification of Three Norwegian Strains of Atlantic Salmon Salmo salar Reared under Different Thermal Regimes. River Research and Applications 32:1800-1807

Gocke C, Hestetun JT, Uhlir C, Freiwald A, Beuck L, Janussen D (2016) Cladorhiza corallophila sp nov., a new carnivorous sponge (Cladorhizidae, Demospongiae) living in close association with Lophelia pertusa and Madrepora oculata (Scleractinia). Zootaxa 4168: 512-524

Klepaker T, Ostbye K, Spence R, Warren M, Przybylski M, Smith C (2016) Selective agents in the adaptive radiation of Hebridean sticklebacks. Evolutionary Ecology Research 17: 243-262

Omar AM, Skjelvan I, Erga SR, Olsen A (2016) Aragonite saturation states and pH in western Norwegian fjords: seasonal cycles and controlling factors, 2005-2009. Ocean Science 12: 937-951