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Writing course – Week 25

Writing course   It will be new writing course in September 21th for researchers who want to write feature articles, blog posts and the popular science texts. All researchers at the University of Bergen, including candidates, are welcome to apply space on this course. Deadline August 31th: More information and  og registration form on the employee side (Norwegian)

SAA – Week 19

Opportunity to join cruise from Bremerhaven to Cape Town in November-December 2016

A very rich philanthropist has sponsored an Antarctic Circumpolar Research Expedition in 2016-2017. The transit phase of this expedition, from Bremerhaven to Cape Town, has been set up as a graduate student offering with marine biology and ocean science instruction. A selected group of 25-30 graduate students may join, of which 5 or 6 can be from Norway. Their expenses, including the connecting travel, will be sponsored by the expedition. Application deadline is 27 May. Please see link for further information: ACE maritime university call final. & ACE maritime university application final

SAA – Week 11

Support and training for digital exams 

The project group for digital assessment has recently published user support pages in the form of detailed descriptions of how to proceed with digital exams, intro courses in UiBs digital exam assessment tool, “arbeidsstuer” and other useful information.

Read more about Digital Exams here, how to proceed with digital exams (also available from the menu in the previous page) here and list for intro courses in the assessment tool here.

SAA – Week 10

The Info-centre for Science Students celebrates its 10 year anniversary

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science invites all employees and students to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Information Centre for Science Students. The celebration will be held on March 17th at 1200.  The Faculty also offers free coffee and pastries for students who come by from Tuesday to Friday next week. Welcome!


PhD on track våren 2016

The Mathematics and Natural Sciences Library at UiB offers PhD candidates courses addressing publishing issues, advanced literature searching techniques and information management.
Theory and general principles are presented in plenary sessions on April 12th. Workshops offer hands-on experience, allowing you to search using your own research questions. Together, they cover:
  • Minimum effort – efficiently finding scientific literature
  • Making the most of scientific databases
  • Publication impact – what does it mean
  • Open access – increasing the impact of your thesis
  • Managing & keeping track of references (EndNote)
We further invite you to sign up for additional guidance sessions on your own or in small groups, where we can address in detail specific questions you may have. 
Please sign up before April 8th.

More info and registration.

Contact Hege Folkestad if you have questions.

SAA – Week 9: Open Day at BIO

Open day

UiB open their doors for students from high schools all over the country next Wednesday. Western Norway is well represented, but students are arriving from all over the country. Here at BIO we host “Biologisk Fagdag” from 9am to 3pm. Thanks for the research groups in Fisheries ecology and aquaculture, Environmental toxicology and Marine biodiversity that contributes with exciting labs for the students!

SAA – Week 8: Master’s evening

Master’s evening 2016

This year’s Masters’s evening, where BIOs masters programmes are presented to prospective students, will be hosted on Wednesday March 2nd from 1500 and onwards. All the master’s specialisations will present themselves, and there will be food, drinks and mingling at Integrerbar.

This presents a good opportunity to promote potential mastets theses for new students! Contact the leader of the relevant specialization(s), and please join us for the event.

More info about the event on and Facebook.