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Upcoming events – Week 46

Ph.d Trial lecture Alexander Plotkin: “Phylogeny and taxonomy of Polymastiidae (Porifera: Demospongiae)”
Supervisors: Hans Tore Rapp and Endre Willassen.
Evaluating committee: Head of Department Tim J. Littlewood, Department of Life Sciences, Natural History Museum , UK, Associate professor Tomas Cedhagen, Department of Bioscience, Århus University, Denmark, Associate Professor Svein Rune Erga, Department of Biology, University of Bergen
Time and place: Tuesday 22th of November, 12:15 a.m. , Auditoriet Vil Vite, Thormøhlens gt. 51.

Ph.d Trial lecture Oliver Vöcking: “The larval photoreceptors of the mollusk Leptochiton asellus”
Supervisors: Harald Hausen and Jon Vidar Helvik.
Evaluating committee: Professor Dan-Erik Nilsson, Lund Universitet, Sverige, Gruppeleder Juan Ramón Martinez Morales, Pablo de Olavide Universitet, Spania, Førsteamanuensis Ståle Ellingsen. Institutt for biologi, Universitetet i Bergen
Time og place: Monday 28th of November, 10:15 a.m. , Auditoriet Vil Vite, Thormøhlens gt. 51.

Ph.d. Midterm evaluation Oliver Müller: “Microbial communities in arctic environments. The effects of thawing permafrost soils on biogeochemical processes driving the terrestrial and marine carbon cycle development ”
Supervisors: Lise Øvreås, Janet Jansson and Gunnar Bratbak.
Evaluating committee: Førsteamanuensis Anne Bjune(leder), Professor Frede Thingtad, Forsker Sigrunn Eliassen.
Time and place: Friday 25th of November, 14:15 a.m. , Seminarrom K1, Biologen.
All are welcome to the presentations!

Upcoming events – Week 44

Master exam- Ida Vee:  Towards improved management of deep-sea sponge grounds in Norwegian waters

Ida Vee will on Friday 4th of November give the final presentation of her master thesis in Biology – marine biology

Supervisors: Hans Tore Rapp, Joana Xavier.  External examiner:  Jussi Evertsen, Frøya videregående skole. Internal examiner:  Bjørn Arild Hatteland

Time and location: Friday 4th of November at 10:15, Lille auditorium, HIB

All are welcome to the presentation


Ph.d. Trial lecture Jon Thomassen Hestetun:  ” Evolutionary and ecological adaptations to life in the deep-sea”.

Evaluating committee:  Associate Professor Ida Helene Steen, Forsker Anne Helene Solberg Tandberg,  Postdoc Joana R Xavier

Time and place: Wednesday 9th of November at 10:15.  Seminar room K3, Blokk B, Biologen

All are welcome to the presentation


Ph.d. Trial lecture Oliver Vocking:  “Circadian rhythms and evolution”.

Evaluating committee: Researcher Elsa Denker, Associate Professor Odd Andre Karlsen, Associate Professor Ståle Ellingsen

Time and place: Friday 11th of November Group room 209N1, 2. etasje, datablokken, HIB

All are welcome to the presentation


Have we forgotten the biology in all the technology?

Debate on Wednesday, November 2nd, (19:30-21:30) in Boksalongen in Østre Skostredet.

Read more on Facebook.


Fish swimming course – Summer 2017

Read more here: Fish swimming AD 2017.

Using Insects for Feed Purposes

NICE seminar Bergen

Upcoming events – Week 42


bioCEED seminar series

Making (use of) videos in Teaching and Learning, read more here!
Time and place: 26 Oct, 14:15-15:00, Biologen, Seminar room K1.

Everyone welcome!

Master exam- Andreas Gilje Sjøberg: Physiological characterization of a novel strain within Rhodobacteracea, isolated from a biolfilm sample on a barite chimney at the Loki’s Castle Vent Field
Andreas Gilje Sjøberg hold Thursday 27th October the final presentation of his master thesis in Biology – Microbiology  (Biogeology)
Supervisors: Ida H. Steen, Håkon Dahle
External examiner: Mette Svenning, UiT
Internal sensor: Gunnar Bratbak
Time and place: 27th October, 13:00 på Senter for geobiologi, lunchrommet

Master exam- Roar Leksen: Traceable lice strain of Lepeophtheirus salmonis (Krøyer 1837) as a tool for studying lice dispersion.
Roar Leksen hold Friday 28th of October the final presentation of his master thesis in Aquaculture Biology.
Supervisor: Frank Nilsen.
Internal examiner: Kristin Hamre.
Sensor: Ørjan Karlsen, HI
Time and place: Friday 28th of October, 10:15, Seminarrom K3, Biologen.

Everyone welcome!


Upcoming events – Week 40


Master  exam – Kåre Andreas Thorsen: Wash away or chase away – the effect of mucus cells and larger salmon lice to control new chalimus infection
Kåre Andreas Thorsen holds 7th of October his final presentation of his master thesis in aquaculture biology.
Supervisor: Karin Pittman.
Internal examiner: Ole Bent Samuelsen.
Sensor: Geir Lasse Taranger, HI
Time and place: Friday 7th of October, 13:15, Seminarrom K1, Biologen.


Upcoming events – Week 38

Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences, NTVA, and Tekna invite to a meeting in Bergen

Tuesday September 27th, 2016, 19:00

Place: Nansensenteret at Marineholmen, Thormølens gate 47

Theme: Sea view – blue opportunities for a green future

Lecture by: General manager Tanja Hoel, NCE Seafood Innovation

More information about the lecture may be found on our web page (Norwegian).


Media training for researchers, October 25th

The course is suitable for researchers who want to convey information more, and better, through media.

Find more information and sign up (by October 6th) here (Norwegian).

Motivation in Higher Learning

20.10.16 will be UiB’s second learning conference with the theme “Motivation in Higher Learning”.

The conference will have an exciting program and is free!

Sign up by October 13th.

Read more here.


Researchers’ night

Today, September 23rd, 20:00-24:00, you are invited to “Researchers’ night” at “Historisk museum”. There will be served beer, a DJ will be there, and a lot of exciting research! See here: forskernatt, or see Facebook for more information.



Upcoming events – Week 37

Master thesis 

Siri Vatsø Haugum: The effect of grazing and hiking on the elevational range shift of vascular plant species in the Scandes during recent decades
Siri Vatsø Haugum holds Wednesday 21 of September the final presentation of her mester thesis in biology – biodiversity, evolution and ecology.
Supervisors: John-Arvid Grytnes, Jutta Kapfer and Amy Ecott
External examiner: Gunnar Austrheim, NTNU.
Internal examiner: Svein Rune Erga.
Time and place: September 21, 13:15, seminarrom K1, Biologen. 

Everyone are welcome to the mater thesis!


Guest lecture: nano(eco)TOXICOLOGY of titanium dioxide

(BIO316 open lecture)

By Boris Jovanovic

Time and place: Thursday, Sep. 22, 12.15-13.00, K1 (Biologen, T53A)



Upcoming events – Week 35


Master thesis

Helge Olsen Their Bergum master thesis: A morphological study of the parasitic barnacle, Anelasma squalicola (Lovén, 1844).
Helge Olsen Theil Bergum will hold 5th of September his final presentation of his master thesis in biology, marinebiology.
Supervisors: Henrik Glenner, Frank Nilsen,
Internal examiner: Richard Telford.
External examiner: Jens Thorvald Høeg, Københavns Universitetet
Time and place: Monday 5th of September, 10:15, Seminarrom K3, Biologen.

Lasse Eliassen master thesis: An investigation into the parasitic barnacle, Anelasma squalicola; prevalence, infection behaviour and effects on its host, Etmopterus spinax, in Lusterfjord, Norway.
Lasse Eliassen will hold 6th of September his final presentation of his master thesis in biology, maorinebiology.
Supervisors: Henrik Glenner, Frank Nilsen, Arne Skorping.
Internal examiner: Eric Thompson.
External examiner: Jens Thorvald Høeg, Københavns Universitetet
Time and place: Tuesday September, 12:15, Seminarrom K3, Biologen.

Welcome to the master presentations!


bioCEED Seminar Wednesday 7 of September

Cissy Ballen will present a study with the title: Active learning improves diversity in undergraduate science
Cissy Ballen is a postdoc at the University of Minnesota and her research centers on strategies to reduce attrition of historically underrepresented groups in STEM fields.

The study is from Cornell University conducted by Cissy J. Ballen, Carl Wieman, Jeremy B. Searle and Kelly R. Zamudio.
More information on can be found here!

Time and place: 7th of September, 12:15-13:30, Biologen, Seminar room K3/4

Everyone welcome!

Upcoming events – Week 34

Polar day, September 14th

Time: 08:30 – 16:00
Place: Scandic Håkonsgaten
Sign up here (free lunch and lecture):

Read more about the program here (Norwegian).

Invitation from the Institute of Marine Research

Conference on marine production in Lysefjorden

Time: 14th-16th of September
Location: Preikestolen fjellstue

Read more here and find the program and sign up.


Finishing exam/thesis defense

Master exam- Ole Høstmark: In vitro screening of Neoparamoeba perurans for environmental stressors and potential functional feed ingredients

Ole Høstmark will on Wednesday 31st of August have the final presentation of his master thesis in fish health.

Supervisor: Mark Powell. Internal examiner: Rune Waagbø. Examiner: Bjørn Olav Rosseland, NMBU

Time and location: Wednesday 31st of August at 12:15, Seminarrom K3, Biologen.

All who are interested are welcome.



Dissertation Sindre Nordlund Vatnehol

Sindre Nordlund Vatnehol  has his disputation for the Ph.D. degree: “Increasing the biomass estimation accuracy of a single school of fish using a cylindrical multi-beam fishery sonar”

Supervisors: Egil Ona, Dezhang Chu

Evaluation committee:  Directeur de Recherches, Technologies Program  Francois Gerlotto, Institut de recherche pour le développement, France,  Researcher Karls Thomas Hjelmervik, Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt,  Professor Tom Klepaker, Institute of Biology, University of  Bergen.

Leading the disputation: Professor Arne Skorping, University of Bergen.

Time and location: Friday September 2nd 2016, at 13.15, Stort auditorium, Høyteknologisenteret, Thormøhlensgate 55

All who are interested are welcome.


Sindre Nordlund Vatnehol. The press release may you read here.

Upcoming events – Week 33

Master exam  – Martha Sæstad Endresen: Ligandaktivering av aryl hydrokarbon reseptor 2 (AhR2) fra Atlanterhavstorsk (Gadus morhua) ved bruk av luciferase genreportersystem
Martha Sæstad Endresen will Monday 22nd of August have a presentation of the master thesis in biology, environmental toxicology.
Supervisors: Odd Andre Karlsen, Anders Goksøyr. Internal examiner: Mark Powell. Examiner: Bjørn Einar Grøsvik, HI
Time and location: Monday 22nd of August, at 10:15, Seminarrom K3, Biologen.
All who are interested are welcome.

Master exam- Andreas Aarseth  Berge: Et fitness-studie om multiresistent lakselus (L. salmonis)
Andreas Aarseth  Berge will Tuesday 23rd of August have a presentation of the master thesis in fish health biology.
Supervisor: Frank Nilsen. Internal examiner: Øyvind Fiksen. Examiner: Øyvind Vågnes, Vaxxinova
Time and location: Tuesday 23rd of August, at 10:15, Seminarrom K1, Biologen.
All who are interested are welcome.

Master exam- Xinting Shao: The feed passage rate and nutrient digestibility in Ballan wrasse juveniles (Labrus bergylta Ascanius, 1767)
Xinting Shao will Wednesday 24th of August have a presentation of the master thesis in aquaculture biology.
Supervisor: Øystein Sæle. Internal examiner: Ivar Hordvik. Examiner: Anders Mangor Jensen, HI
Time and location: Wednesday 24th of August, at 11:15, Møterom Sildetønnen, NIFES.
All who are interested are welcome.

Master exam- Sigrid Skrivervik Bruvoll: A smoky strategy: germination responses to fire cues in coastal and boreal Calluna heathlands
Sigrid Skrivervik Bruvoll will Friday 26th of August have a presentation of the master thesis in biology, biodiversity, evolution and ecology
Supervisors: Vigdis Vandvik, Joseph Chipperfield, Joachim Töpper. Internal examiner: Svein Rune Erga. Examiner: Liv Guri Velle, Møreforskning
Time and location: Friday 26th of August, at 13:15, Seminarrom K1, Biologen.
All who are interested are welcome.