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Welfare, HR and HSE – Week 24


Formaldehyde has now Hazard statement H350 – may cause cancer.

All use of formaldehyde is to be registered in Exposure register.

Read the Safety data sheet.

EcoOnline contact: Solveig Thorkildsen,



It is of great importance that everybody registrar HSE-non-conformities to get the cases visible up in line in the university system.

HSE-non conformities are used as background material for improvement of procedures, emergency preparedness plans and budget plans and in addition each case will be treated individually.

Link for reporting HSE-Non-conformities:

Use the English button to change language for reporting HSE-Non-conformities

About HSE-Non-conformities at the HMS-gateway:


Welfare, HR and HSE – Week 14

Survey from the University Administration on Monday

On Monday you will receive a short questionnaire by email from Kirsti Brekke at the Communications Department, which we hope you have the time and opportunity to respond.

The survey contains only 4 questions and is anonymous.

The survey results are for internal use and is part of a project Communication department conducts on behalf of the university administration.


New employees

Vegar Løland is the latest addition to the BIO administration and Economy section.

He will work mostly related to projects with external financing.

Vegar Løland


Harald Lunde Saebo is employed as a Senior Engineer in the Fish Immunology Group from 1 March 2016
He will work with immunoassays and infection trials with fish, larvae and cells in cultures.

Harald Sæbø Lunde (2)


Welcome to BIO!

Welfare, HR and HSE – Week 10

New Employees

Victoria Røyseth is employed as PhD candidate from 1 March 2016. The position is affiliated with the project ”Microparasites in closed and semi-closed containment systems (S-CCS)” financed by the University of Bergen and Centre for Research-based Innovations in Controlled-environment Aquaculture(CtrlAQUA) and is included in the Fish Disease Research Group. Victoria’s main tasks will be to identify and characterize micro parasites associated with production of salmon in RAS and S-CCS production facilities.

Victoria Røyseth

Welfare, HR and HSE – Week 9

New employee

Bagmi Pattanaik was temporarily employed 02/22/2016 as a researcher on the project Neosaxitoxin – “Production of Neosaxitoxin using Genetic Methods” with Nils-Kåre Birkeland. Welcome!


Bagmi Pattanaik


Join «Biking to work»!

Biking to work is an informal activity campaign promoting physical activity. Read more about the campaign here (Norwegian) and sign up your team!